Laboratorio Immagine Donna, a cultural association, was born in Florence, Italy, from the fact that there was a lack of female participation in the construction of the world’s representation. At times of mass communication, this means depriving humanity of the result of women’s freedom, their talents and their resources.

What are its goals:

  • To search and promote the knowledge and culture of women’s history in the field of mass communication, particularly in movies.
  • To organise festivals, exhibitions, conferences and seminars that contribute to the cultural and professional growth of women and that facilitate their participation in cultural projects.
  • To diffuse and spread correctly the audiovisual products that are considered worth of attention in the national as well as in the international spheres.
  • To contribute with the spreading of a culture inspired in peace and in the recognition of human rights through the audiovisual language.

Directed by Paola Paoli, Laboratorio Immagine Donna relies on the help of an old group of collaborators and it is structured on the basis of different projects that create a flexible net of skills and responsibilities that depends on what wants to be achieved and the complexity of the specific task.

In the spirit of contributing with the diffusion of training and knowledge, Laboratorio Immagine Donna helps many local events, working groups and exhibitions in the organization of meetings, seminars and panels.

With the festival Cinema e Donne and all its other activities, Laboratorio Immagine Donna reflects about the female image that motion-pictures have been spreading since their appearance to the present day and reflects also about the existing relation between movies and other media, society and the different eras. The idea proposed is that of constructing a new orientation map, between historical and geographical coordinates in a never ending evolution.

Laboratorio Immagine Donna searches for the most interesting and innovative works by the contemporary female directors and presents them, highlighting women that are active in a world of films that is far from ours and that is hardly present in our theatres. Together with the main actresses that are closer to us, it reflects about the relation between art and their work and about the possibilities, expectations and difficulties of a hard task that brings victories as well as defeats.

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