News Festival 2010

XXXII Edition of Women and Cinema Festival: Life&Cinema

5-11 November 2010: a week of International great Movies

40 screenings: short, medium and full-length films, from Iran, Spain, Argentina, Germany, Canada, Turkey, France, Great Britain, Portugal, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Italy, and Russia.

Three Prizes: The XIII Prize Seal of Peace awarded to women authors who have realized a courageous work confronting in a positive way with the major conflicts of our time.

The Gilda Prize dedicated to the actresses of the present who knew fill in different functions in production films, transforming their identity and enriching their professionalism.

The Anna Magnani Prize awarded to new Italian women authors and assigned by a jury of students of DAMS (Drama, Arts and Music Studies) and of the Faculty of Education Sciences.

A Focus between Italy and Germany on the relation between critics and creativity in the auteur films.

Meetings with the authors in the cinema hall and discussions every evening in the Hall of the Mirrors of the Odeon Cinema.

From the end of the 70s, when this Festival started its activity, more and more women have begun to work in the cinema and a new international generation of women directors has come to light. We are deeply interested in showing their work as it gives answers to some key questions about the relation between women and society and about the meaning of artistic communication.

Indeed, women authors describe real life, what really matters; they focus on the crux of familiar relationships, on work (when it is a right and when – more often – it is a privilege), on the sense of human activity and of its consequences on the environment and on the society.

They gaze at life with curious eyes and they do not look away even in front of cruelties and atrocities; women authors persistently choose energy and positivity as something that is naturally part of life and of its inner rhythms.

They express themselves through different languages, styles and techniques and they do not lose sight of reality even when they use fable or animation or even music and dance, to represent the necessity, for young generations, to reappropriate past with every possible means. This happens in the film Eva&Lola by the Argentinean film-maker Sabrina Farji that will be presented at the Festival for the first time in Europe.

Favourite themes. Childhood and adolescence, when sexual identity comes to a definition, with all the various cultural meanings that deserve delicate sensibility and a feeling that is not only maternal but also empathic. Relationships between generations, with their caesurae and censures, also where this passage is particularly difficult as for example in Palestine and Argentina. The great female protagonists of the post-colonial era. Urban landscapes as web of relationships and mirror for complementary diversities. Daily and ordinary stories that mend and complete History and its interpretations.

In fact, cinema making is an act of both great insubordination and extreme discipline, it is to put oneself to test from every point of view, it is a navigation between different kinds of knowledge and it requires a strong support, that very rarely is there for women.

But it is also an act of love for cinema and life.

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