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sorelle-nurzia2We can do it: SponsoringSorelle Nurzia

The movie festival Cinema e Donne (Cinema and Women) of Florence, Italy, is launching the campaignSponsoringSorelle Nurzia’” in favor of the famous chocolate factory of Abruzzo. Since the 19th century, the sweets of the companySorelle Nurziahave been sending the ancient flavor of Christmas and family festivities from Abruzzo to many other places, since Italian cuisine is a universal synonym of quality.

However, this year, the earthquake that hit the city of LAquila and its territory has disrupted the established market of products and the lack of orders is endangering a production of excellence, thus finishing with the jobs of many women.

We would like to invite those who will celebrate this years festivities with relatives as well as those who are in charged of acquiring small business gifts, to choose from the tasteful list thatSorelle Nurziaoffers at its site:

To support this company from LAquila, characterized by an enormous female presence, means:

  • To avoid the elimination of job positions in a period in which the crisis together with the earthquake could send back home, to the usual dependence, women who are now emancipated and qualified.
  • Not to lose a patrimony of traditional knowledge, which constitutes a precious way of expression, that has a strong relationship with the “material culture of women”.
  • To protect aknow-howrooted in history, that guards values and manners of a local identity and enriches with variety the worldwide interest of people in the Italian cuisine.

As it is known, the earthquake has caused human loss and enormous harms. But it is possible to do something to try and help, in a simple and useful manner, the brave people that are fighting to regain a normal and honorable life, made with work and hope in the future.